I Ching reading of the month – August 2015

Each month the newsletter gives a shortened reading of general interest to our western society. This month:

In the month ahead, will Greece face further financial trouble? (16:00h. CEST 4th Aug 2015)

The primary
hexagram, shown as the left-hand of the two diagrams opposite, is that of Tun/Retreat.
The 2nd Place is the only moving line (see the yellow stripe).

Executive Summary

This reading indicates that (a) Greece will hang on to the euro during
the month ahead, but (b) that steps will have to be taken by the country’s
creditors to prevent bankruptcy contamination spreading to other Eurozone

Primary hexagram

The primary
hexagram, the left-hand diagram above, shows the first two lines are yin, whereas the top four are yang. The top four are in retreat from
the upwardly moving yin lines. This
is appropriate, for the inferior, dark yin
lines have the ability to harm and overwhelm the strong, light yang lines. These however retreat
upwards towards heaven, ensuring they cannot be harmed.

The hexagram
represents the situation. In this case it is one of the Eurozone being in
danger of becoming overwhelmed by Greece’s debt.

Now let’s
look at the moving line, as shown above by the yellow bar in the middle of the
second line. A moving line represents a specific place in the situation
described by the hexagram as a whole.

The second
line shows one of the advancing yin
lines, and here it is clinging on with all its might to the yang line immediately above it in the
third place. It will not be shaken off, and – at least from its own perspective
– that is the right course of action.

So, Greece
will not be separated from the euro (at least for the coming month, the period
about which the reading applies). Instead, it will try to do everything
possible to comply with its creditors’ demands, so that it can keep the euro.

Secondary hexagram

The moving
line creates a new hexagram; the second line changes to its opposite while all
others stay the same. The secondary hexagram can often mean a time progression
– i.e. what happens next – but it can also indicate another aspect to the
situation involving the question posed.

Here the
secondary hexagram, shown in the right-hand diagram above, represents a
situation in which both a time element applies as well as its highlighting
another aspect to the entire matter of Greece’s financial woes.

The hexagram
(Kou/Coming to Meet) is warning of a
potential danger – that the yin line
in second place causes the remaining lines to step aside by appearing harmless.
The Beginning line is like a charming young girl, who is permitted to rise to
power and position, at which point, rather too late in the day for anything to
be done about it, her bad character reveals itself.

Here the second
line, the line which has moved, is relevant. It warns that Greece’s
indebtedness needs to be contained. If it is allowed free rein, it will
‘contaminate’ other Eurozone countries with similar debt problems. Think here
of Italy, Portugal and Spain, which might find the idea of their filing for
bankruptcy on their government debt appealing if Greece was permitted to do the

In terms of
the I Ching, the second line in this hexagram is inclined to link up with the yang line in the 4th Place (the third from the
top), and this needs to be prevented if contamination is to be avoided.

Note: This reading only applies to the
period 4th August – 4th September, and not necessarily to
a final outcome for Greece’s debt problems.