One of the greatest political and social problems that has
ever faced the European Union is the relentless and increasing flow of refugees
from the Middle East and central Asia. The EU Commission estimates that 3
million refugees will seek asylum before 2017: in the course of 2015 a million refugees,
followed by a further one and a half million next year and 500,000 in 2017.

The difficulty is not limited to housing the people who have
chanced their lives on crossing the Mediterranean Sea to live a life in the
relative peace of Europe. The newer members of the EU, largely ex-Soviet Union
satellite states in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, are resolutely opposed to
accepting any refugees in any circumstances. A lasting agreement on how the
bulk of the expected three million people fleeing war, death and hunger will be
spread throughout the Union is far from being reached.

The situation seems to confirm the standpoint of those who
felt accepting into the EU countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Poland,
Bulgaria and Romania was a step too far. But their membership of the EU is a fact, and the Union as a whole will have to deal with their fears that
their newly found prosperity following the disintegration of the Soviet empire
will be snatched away from them by unwelcome newcomers.

The alternative could quite conceivably involve the
disintegration of the EU, leading to a serious economic
downturn in Europe and a serious political destabilisation on the continent.

But what does the I Ching say?

We asked it: What
should be done about the increasing flow of refugees to Europe from Syria, Afghanistan,
Iraq and Eritrea?
(15:31 h. CET 7th November 2015)

Tossing the coins gave us the six-lined hexagram No 61-
Chung Fu/Inner Truth.

The Beginning (1st line) and the 3rd place
are the two moving lines


in doing right

Inner Truth is what we might call intuition and knowledge
from within, as opposed to logic and intellectual understanding. The Beginning
advises us and our political leaders to find a quiet state of mind before
making decisions on what needs to be done with the refugees, and not to
indulge in catering to the whims and anxieties of various members of their
communities. A steadfastness of purpose is required in organising the distribution
of refugees throughout the Union, rather than dithering when confronted by
those who are against assisting these people in need.


The 3rd place suggests there is a wavering of will
amongst our statesmen and women. Sometimes they want to help the refugees; at
other times they turn an ear to those who advocate kicking them out. This, the
I Ching states, is wholly inappropriate. If our post-Christian society is worth anything
at all, it needs to step up to the plate and offer a modicum of the necessities
of life to those who have fled violence, death and deprivation.

and discord

The Secondary Hexagram (right-hand diagram above) reinforces
that message. A wavering of will and purpose is wholly unworthy, and the
steadfast determination required of a warrior is missing, leading to dither and

Moreover, the Secondary Hexagram also states that the
constant meetings by the EU’s member nations’ ministers of state are
counter-productive, resulting in yet more dither and indecision. What is needed
is a clear-cut, almost military determination to do what is appropriate, and to
share the burden throughout the Union.


Are you new to the I Ching? The hexagrams and their lines
may seem very confusing. You will find a clear explanation of how the oracle
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