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In this blog, you will find short articles which explain the philosophy of the I Ching, the different hexagrams and the moving lines.
This is done through the use of an example question; a real life question from Barry to the I Ching Oracle. In this way, you can see how the reading and the interpretation works.

The Next Big Short?

March 2016 Posted on Wed, March 30, 2016 16:39:32

Michael Burry, medical doctor and hedge fund manager, became the hero of The Big Short, arguably Hollywood’s most successful dramatisation to date of financial crisis. Burry made a fortune by bothering to do what others felt quite unnecessary: he actually examined the CDOs, the packages of home mortgages the big US banks were selling as investment grade securities. He found what he had suspected, that at ground level many of the mortgages so neatly packaged were not being serviced – neither capital nor interest were being paid down. He bet on the CDOs failing, and made a fortune for himself and his fund’s investors when in 2007-8 the sub-prime crisis exploded.

But here’s what Burry told New York Magazine back in December last year:

“Well, we are right back at it: trying to stimulate growth through easy money. It hasn’t worked, but it’s the only tool the Fed’s got. Meanwhile, the Fed’s policies widen the wealth gap, which feeds political extremism, forcing gridlock in Washington. It seems the world is headed toward negative real interest rates on a global scale. This is toxic. Interest rates are used to price risk, and so in the current environment, the risk-pricing mechanism is broken. That is not healthy for an economy. We are building up terrific stresses in the system, and any fault lines there will certainly harm the outlook.”

So, are we heading inexorably towards yet another financial crisis – the fourth to date this century?

That’s what we asked the I Ching at 16:05h CET on 30th March 2016.

The oracle replied thus:

The hexagram is no. 48, Ching/The Well. The hexagram depicts the eternal reserves of life-giving water under the ground. Whatever changes above ground will not affect the availability of refreshing, clear drinking water.

The one moving line is the yin line at the bottom, and for this the Taoists gave the following reading:

One does not drink the mud of the well.
No animals come to an old well.

In this context, the ‘reserves’ are the Federal Reserve Board, which is reaching down far too low, to the muddy base of the well. In financial policy terms, it means interest rates are far too low, leading not to economic rejuvenation but to stagnation.

So, yes, another financial crisis is on its way, though the secondary hexagram suggests it has some time to go before reaching a critical point, possibly some months yet.


Are you curious as to how the I Ching works? Why not go to, where a good explanation can be found.

European Union to break up

January 2016 Posted on Wed, January 06, 2016 11:38:46

Nothing seems to be going right for the European Union at present.

Hubris among the statesmen and women of the EU in the 1990s resulted in two major errors of judgement.

1. The introduction of a common currency, the euro.
2. An expansion from the then existing 15 western European member nations to 25 in 2004 and 28 by 2013.
3. The United Kingdom stands a reasonable chance of withdrawing from EU membership.

The euro did bring with it greater ease in intra-EU trade, but it locked nations with totally different economies and ideologies into a ‘one solution fits all’ situation, ultimately leading to serious strains on the ‘Club Med’ economies, primarily Spain, Portugal, Italy and of course Greece. These difficulties are far from being resolved as yet.

The expansion from 15 to 25 members in 2004 (Romania and Bulgaria were added in 2007 and Croatia in 2013) was even less wise. Most of the new members were ex-Soviet block nations, with societies which are to this day very different in outlook to those of the older West European members.

This has become clear with the attitude of the new member nations to the seemingly ceaseless stream of refugees entering the EU from the Middle East, central Asia and Africa. The old EU countries have grudgingly accepted their humanitarian responsibilities, particularly towards those fleeing civil war in Syria, whereas the former East-block nations regard the refugees as a threat to their comparatively new prosperity. Hungary exemplifies the new members’ attitude, almost immediately building a fence around its own national borders to keep refugees from entering the country on foot.

So, the question for the I Ching is: Is the EU going to fall apart in 2016?

Here’s its answer:

Hexagram 28 Ta Kuo/Preponderance of the Great consists of four strong yang lines in its middle, and two weak yin lines at either end. It gives the image of the ridge-pole of a building, supporting the roof. But with the minority weak lines providing support to the ridge-pole, there is a real danger it will collapse, bringing down the roof with it. Compare it to a supportive wooden beam with partly rotted ends.

The two moving lines are the third (counting from the bottom) and the fifth. All the weight, then, is borne by the middle of the beam, and it should be no surprise that the reading for the 3rd line is:

The ridge-pole sags to the breaking point.

The 5th line is hardly better, reading:

A withered poplar puts forth flowers.
An older woman takes a husband.
No blame. No praise.

As is common in nature, a dying plant or tree often gives out copious new blossom in order to propagate the next generation of its sort. Equally, in terms of human propagation, an older woman may marry, but she is unlikely to bear children. The picture is of barrenness despite appearances to the contrary.

This reading makes it absolutely clear that the EU is on course for collapse, showing that Europe is not yet ready for unity but will prefer to choose for diversity and division. Let’s remember that the foundation of what later became the EU was based on a determination to prevent yet more war between European states – after France and Germany, at Europe’s heart – had fought no less than three times between 1870 and 1945.


Do you want to know more about the I Ching, what its readings mean and how it can be accessed? Why not go to The Intuitive I Ching, where you can check it all out for yourself?

Influx of refugees: what must Europe do?

November 2015 Posted on Mon, November 09, 2015 12:43:03

One of the greatest political and social problems that has
ever faced the European Union is the relentless and increasing flow of refugees
from the Middle East and central Asia. The EU Commission estimates that 3
million refugees will seek asylum before 2017: in the course of 2015 a million refugees,
followed by a further one and a half million next year and 500,000 in 2017.

The difficulty is not limited to housing the people who have
chanced their lives on crossing the Mediterranean Sea to live a life in the
relative peace of Europe. The newer members of the EU, largely ex-Soviet Union
satellite states in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, are resolutely opposed to
accepting any refugees in any circumstances. A lasting agreement on how the
bulk of the expected three million people fleeing war, death and hunger will be
spread throughout the Union is far from being reached.

The situation seems to confirm the standpoint of those who
felt accepting into the EU countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Poland,
Bulgaria and Romania was a step too far. But their membership of the EU is a fact, and the Union as a whole will have to deal with their fears that
their newly found prosperity following the disintegration of the Soviet empire
will be snatched away from them by unwelcome newcomers.

The alternative could quite conceivably involve the
disintegration of the EU, leading to a serious economic
downturn in Europe and a serious political destabilisation on the continent.

But what does the I Ching say?

We asked it: What
should be done about the increasing flow of refugees to Europe from Syria, Afghanistan,
Iraq and Eritrea?
(15:31 h. CET 7th November 2015)

Tossing the coins gave us the six-lined hexagram No 61-
Chung Fu/Inner Truth.

The Beginning (1st line) and the 3rd place
are the two moving lines


in doing right

Inner Truth is what we might call intuition and knowledge
from within, as opposed to logic and intellectual understanding. The Beginning
advises us and our political leaders to find a quiet state of mind before
making decisions on what needs to be done with the refugees, and not to
indulge in catering to the whims and anxieties of various members of their
communities. A steadfastness of purpose is required in organising the distribution
of refugees throughout the Union, rather than dithering when confronted by
those who are against assisting these people in need.


The 3rd place suggests there is a wavering of will
amongst our statesmen and women. Sometimes they want to help the refugees; at
other times they turn an ear to those who advocate kicking them out. This, the
I Ching states, is wholly inappropriate. If our post-Christian society is worth anything
at all, it needs to step up to the plate and offer a modicum of the necessities
of life to those who have fled violence, death and deprivation.

and discord

The Secondary Hexagram (right-hand diagram above) reinforces
that message. A wavering of will and purpose is wholly unworthy, and the
steadfast determination required of a warrior is missing, leading to dither and

Moreover, the Secondary Hexagram also states that the
constant meetings by the EU’s member nations’ ministers of state are
counter-productive, resulting in yet more dither and indecision. What is needed
is a clear-cut, almost military determination to do what is appropriate, and to
share the burden throughout the Union.


Are you new to the I Ching? The hexagrams and their lines
may seem very confusing. You will find a clear explanation of how the oracle
works at The Intuitive I

Any three coins will do

October 2015 Posted on Wed, October 21, 2015 20:03:02

The young man stood in the midst of the
shop selling esoteric articles, gently shaking a set of three old Chinese coins
in his hands. You know the sort; they have a hole in the middle. It was clear enough he was weighing up in his
mind whether the coins were suitable for use in consulting the I Ching.

Doubtless the shop was charging a high
price for these ‘spiritual’ coins. I hoped he would decide against buying them,
and save himself some money. The truth is that any three coins will work, just
as a line and hexagram originated by the computer. For sure there are countless
other ways of creating a hexagram; all that is needed is that the method used
is apparently random.

The creation of an I Ching reading is very
easy. A child of four could do it with less effort than her learning to count
to twenty.

The difficult part is making sense of the
reading the I Ching has produced. It does seem sometimes that the oracle is
deliberately expressing itself in impenetrable, incomprehensible language.
Actually, the cryptic nature of the lines is a blessing in disguise, for a
particular line can then be applied to many widely differing circumstances. Of
course, this leaves interpretation even more in the hands of the person
performing the reading.

Here’s how to interpret the reading:

Become familiar with
the way the I Ching communicates.

You will
find that individual lines express themselves in a similar fashion in different
readings. Gradually a feeling for what the oracle is likely to be indicating
with a certain cryptic phrase will develop.

Learn as much as
possible about the background to the question.

The more you know
about the situation surrounding the question, the greater the chance that you
can hit the nail on the head.

Use your intuition
as much as possible.

person asking the question may have certain characteristics which will give you
an idea as to the heart of the matter, and your own intuition will help guide
you to the correct answer.

the night before the reading, you will have a dream which, when interpreted,
will lead you to spotting the right interpretation.

person asking the question may make a chance remark which rings a bell with
you, leading you to a quite different interpretation to that which you were
originally intending to give.

Practice makes

Before you try
interpreting someone else’s question, keep on using the I Ching oracle to give
advice on your own questions. Your familiarity with the way its expresses
itself will grow; simply comparing what you conclude as to the meaning of the
reading with what then takes place in physical life can be an excellent guide.

Good luck with the I Ching. It is an invaluable resource
if you learn how to understand it correctly.


Question of the month: What will Russian involvement in
Syria lead to?

Conflict (Hexagram 6) No moving lines

The I Ching urges care and a ‘cautious halt halfway’. It
seems Russia is defending its military ally in the Middle East, Bashar Assad,
the President of Syria, who has been losing the lengthy civil war in his

While Russian military aircraft have only just started
bombing the anti-Assad forces, Turkish, French and American air forces have
been bombing the blazes out of the Syrians for some time now. The Russians have
different objectives to the U.S. and French, wishing to inflict damage on all
anti-Assad forces. If the rebels were to prevail, it would mean Russia losing
its Mediterranean naval base at the Syrian port of Tartus.

By contrast, the Turks are primarily concerned with
inflicting damage on the Kurdish rebels in the north of Syria lest the Kurds
gain ground in Syria, providing a base for Turkey’s own Kurdish rebels.

France and the United States are supporting the rebels in
Syria who are not allied to the Islamic State (IS), an extremist group of Sunni
Muslims. They are actively bombing IS strongholds but are supportive of the
Kurds. Why the West is involved at all is unclear. Assad and the ruling clique
in Damascus are a nasty lot, reliant on brute force to counter all opposition.
But IS would almost certainly be nastier, and the wobbly coalition of Free
Syrian forces might turn out to be no better than those who came to power after
the West destroyed Ghaddafi’s rule in Libya.

In this dog’s dinner of a conflict, it is essential that
Russia, the Turks, France and the US all start coordinating their bombing
raids. If Russian bombers killed or wounded U.S. military advisors on the
ground, or an aircraft from one participant was shot down by another, the consequences would be incalculable.

Hence the I Ching recommends compromise and coordination.
The various parties involved would do well to seek intermediation from ‘the
great man’, an independent but respected person.


August 2015 Posted on Wed, October 21, 2015 17:15:09

I Ching reading of the month – August 2015

Each month the newsletter gives a shortened reading of general interest to our western society. This month:

In the month ahead, will Greece face further financial trouble? (16:00h. CEST 4th Aug 2015)

The primary
hexagram, shown as the left-hand of the two diagrams opposite, is that of Tun/Retreat.
The 2nd Place is the only moving line (see the yellow stripe).

Executive Summary

This reading indicates that (a) Greece will hang on to the euro during
the month ahead, but (b) that steps will have to be taken by the country’s
creditors to prevent bankruptcy contamination spreading to other Eurozone

Primary hexagram

The primary
hexagram, the left-hand diagram above, shows the first two lines are yin, whereas the top four are yang. The top four are in retreat from
the upwardly moving yin lines. This
is appropriate, for the inferior, dark yin
lines have the ability to harm and overwhelm the strong, light yang lines. These however retreat
upwards towards heaven, ensuring they cannot be harmed.

The hexagram
represents the situation. In this case it is one of the Eurozone being in
danger of becoming overwhelmed by Greece’s debt.

Now let’s
look at the moving line, as shown above by the yellow bar in the middle of the
second line. A moving line represents a specific place in the situation
described by the hexagram as a whole.

The second
line shows one of the advancing yin
lines, and here it is clinging on with all its might to the yang line immediately above it in the
third place. It will not be shaken off, and – at least from its own perspective
– that is the right course of action.

So, Greece
will not be separated from the euro (at least for the coming month, the period
about which the reading applies). Instead, it will try to do everything
possible to comply with its creditors’ demands, so that it can keep the euro.

Secondary hexagram

The moving
line creates a new hexagram; the second line changes to its opposite while all
others stay the same. The secondary hexagram can often mean a time progression
– i.e. what happens next – but it can also indicate another aspect to the
situation involving the question posed.

Here the
secondary hexagram, shown in the right-hand diagram above, represents a
situation in which both a time element applies as well as its highlighting
another aspect to the entire matter of Greece’s financial woes.

The hexagram
(Kou/Coming to Meet) is warning of a
potential danger – that the yin line
in second place causes the remaining lines to step aside by appearing harmless.
The Beginning line is like a charming young girl, who is permitted to rise to
power and position, at which point, rather too late in the day for anything to
be done about it, her bad character reveals itself.

Here the second
line, the line which has moved, is relevant. It warns that Greece’s
indebtedness needs to be contained. If it is allowed free rein, it will
‘contaminate’ other Eurozone countries with similar debt problems. Think here
of Italy, Portugal and Spain, which might find the idea of their filing for
bankruptcy on their government debt appealing if Greece was permitted to do the

In terms of
the I Ching, the second line in this hexagram is inclined to link up with the yang line in the 4th Place (the third from the
top), and this needs to be prevented if contamination is to be avoided.

Note: This reading only applies to the
period 4th August – 4th September, and not necessarily to
a final outcome for Greece’s debt problems.